Service Contract


A Service Contract on your HVAC unit insures regular maintenance and offers peace of mind.



For Single Unit
and $30 for Extra Unit

Included in this program:

  • 2 tune-ups per year (Spring/Fall)
  • Discounted service call rates
  • 10% discount on parts
  • Clean outside condenser coils with special cleaner, as needed
  • Install gauges to check operating pressures and refrigerant charge
  • Check voltage and amperage to all motors
  • Lubricate all moving parts, if applicable
  • Check filters
  • Check all wiring and connections
  • Check for proper sized fuses and breakers
  • Check that the condensation drain is clean and open
  • Check thermostat and adjust, if necessary
  • Check blower wheel and pulleys, if applicable
  • Turn off and drain humidifier
  • Check safety controls and timers
  • Check refrigerant line insulation

I purchased a maintenance agreement on my house because I knew I needed a tune up on one heat pump. Little did I know the other unit in the house would need to be replaced within a few short weeks of purchasing the agreement. Purchasing a maintenance agreement from Moneta Heating & Air saved me over $350.

Carol C.

Roanoke, VA

I am interested in the Service Contract Special